The Need Is Real

KatelynnValentine-2006-003-smallAbout 7-15% of kids screened – nearly 4 million – will be referred for a follow-up exam by an eye-care professional. Approximately 5% of all children in this age group will have amblyopia, a treatable disorder that can result in permanently reduced vision when not addressed by an early age. The screening devices detect risk factors for amblyopia, such as strabismus (eyes that cross or wander out), refractive errors and unequal vision between the two eyes, and potentially even more serious issues such as cataracts and eye cancer.

Change a Life by Becoming a Vision Screener

With just minutes of training, any Lion or volunteer can screen the vision of a child. Just push a few buttons and the screening devices used in KidSight do all the work for you. Screening devices even generate the results immediately for easy management of screening results. It’s simple, it’s fun, and there’s nothing more rewarding then helping a child!

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