Information For Parents

wintersprings-event-kid-using-lions-spot_RGBEnsuring your child’s healthy vision starts at an early age, especially before they enter primary school. Here are links to information and resources that can help keep your child on the road to healthy vision for life.

U.S. National Eye Institute
Amblyopia Facts (the most common vision condition in kids) – PDF File Download
Eye Diagram – Visit webiste

American Academy of Ophthalmology
EyeSmart (childhood eye diseases and conditions) – Visit website
What is Strabismus? – Visit website

American Optometric Association
Infants Vision – Visit webistePlusoptix Picture 2
Infant SEE – Visit webiste
Preschool Vision – Visit webiste

Teaching School-Aged Children about Eye Health
Check out these fun, informational activities developed by the U.S. National Eye Institute and Lions Clubs International to teach kids in grades 4-6 about eye health. – see this webpage

 Uncorrected Farsightedness Linked to Literacy Deficits in Preschoolers
This story from the National Eye Institute warns us about untreated Farsightedness.  – see this webpage

BestUncorrectedOralReadingFluencyReading Fluency in School-Aged Children with Bilateral Astigmatism
This story from the Optometry & Vision Science warns us about Oral Reading Fluency with Astigmatism. – see this webpage