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This page provides a link to the Training manual, an online view of conditions – KidSight Webinar –  three webinar sections that describe how your team can grow the program.

KidSight Webinar
Lions KidSight USA Part 1
Lions KidSight USA Part 2
Lions KidSight USA Part 3

Lions KidSight USA Training Manual –   download

LKSUSA Training Manual Rev August 18, 2017

View the photos below that describe each condition. Click on the photo to get a large picture. This is functional on a small handheld tablet or cell phone.

Cross section of a human eye

Cross section of human eye

Normal vision, Hyperopia (far sighted), Myopia (near sighted)
Myopia and HyperopiaAnisometropia:

A significant difference between the refractive powers (eyeglass prescription)  of the eyes. The brain will choose to see out of the eye with the least refractive error and ignore the other eye. If not treated early, the eye that is ignored will experience poor vision throughout life.


Astigmatism, a common eye defect



Anisocoria (Unequal Pupils)Anisocoria
Strabismus (Eye Turn)Strabismus
Ptosis (drooping eyelid)



KidSight Webinar – September 29, 2015 – PID Dr. Ed Cordes
You can also download the seminar from Vemio

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